Play It Again Sports

If you’re looking for used sporting goods, you might be interested in playing it again at Play It Again Sports. This chain of sports stores buys both new and used sporting equipment and sells them at a discount to customers. It is owned by Corporation, but franchised by individual store owners. Founded by Martha Morris in 1983, the chain has since grown to over 400 stores in the United States and 43 stores in Canada. While the name may seem a bit confusing, it’s actually a very smart business decision.

Franchise opportunity

Interested in pursuing a Play It Again Sports franchise? If so, you’re in luck! This unique retail franchise offers the chance to build a successful business and be connected with local athletes. Whether you’re an active member of your community or just love sports, you’ll love owning your own Play It Again Sports store. And, as an added bonus, you’ll have the ability to do something you love every day.

When looking for a franchise opportunity, consider how big a market you want to enter. Most Play It Again Sports franchises have an exclusive territory of between three to five miles. This territory is determined using computer-modeled mapping, average household income, and consumer traffic patterns. Franchisees should consider choosing a location in an urban area, with a population of at least 75,000 to 100,000. If you have a smaller area, you may not be able to get a franchise, and will have to rely on advertising and word-of-mouth.

Business model

The Play It Again Sports concept was conceived by Martha Morris in 1983, when she struggled to sell a backpack that cost $200. She borrowed $15,000 from her friend’s parents and opened a store in a Minneapolis cemetery. After a few months, she bought out her partner and sold more than $120,000 in used equipment, then switched to selling brand-new goods. In the process, she became an overnight success and quickly grew to over 300 stores.

The sporting goods industry is currently in transition with many chain stores feeling the effects of too much growth in their storefronts. With a growing online market, Play It Again Sports is taking advantage of the shifting consumer landscape. The company has invested in a sophisticated marketing strategy that helps franchisees build a strong local relationship with the community. Franchisees are allowed to support local youth sports organizations and charities and do not have to spend their own money on corporate relationships. The marketing dollars go to the right places.

Cost of opening a store

Depending on your location, the cost of opening a Play It Again Sports store can vary widely. In the United States, the total cost to open a Play It Again Sports store is $251,300, and in Canada, the total cost can range from $317,700 to $478,200. The initial investment will depend on the location, and the cost of rent varies from state to state.

The costs of opening a Play It Again Sports store are generally much lower than those of other retail stores. The stores sell new and used sporting goods, and they also offer accessories and apparel. Depending on the location, a store can sell a mix of used and new sporting equipment. Listed below are the costs of opening a Play It Again Sports store. Once you have figured out how much you can afford to invest, you can calculate the cost of opening a store for Play It Again Sports.

Support offered to franchisees

If you are considering purchasing a Play It Again Sports franchise, there are a few things to consider. These include the cost of building, real estate, and equipment. You also need to consider licenses and permits for your store. You should also evaluate your previous business experience. If you are new to franchising, you should determine whether this franchise would work for you. Finally, it is crucial to determine the availability of the market in your area.

Play It Again Sports franchisees enjoy a wide range of benefits. Besides providing training, franchisees are given a robust support infrastructure and an online reporting system. Among other benefits, franchisees receive a 401(k) retirement plan and healthcare benefits for their employees. Part-time associates enjoy merchandise discounts and flexible scheduling. However, employment benefits may vary from one franchise to the next, depending on the owner’s preferences.