Russia Ukraine News

The Russia Ukraine News war in Ukraine has completely destroyed the Russian myth of military might, cemented the Western alliance, and severely damaged the economy of Ukraine. The latest reports suggest that Russia will control the entire Luhansk region within the next two weeks. According to the UK Ministry of Defence, Moscow now controls 90 percent of Luhansk. While this victory has come at a cost, the war has also reshaped the international financial system.

Russian artillery enables gradual advances in fighting

The success of Russian artillery in Ukraine is a testament to the power of heavy artillery. It is capable of hitting targets without sight, even over great distances. It is the center of Russian military doctrine and has been called the “god of war” by Josef Stalin. In Ukraine, the Russian artillery has caused massive destruction and has drawn back Ukrainian artillery fire. This style of attack fits the depleted Russian army, which lacks the manpower needed for sustained urban warfare.

Continuing advances in eastern Ukraine, Russia has redirected its efforts from the Chernihiv-Kharkiv axis to Izyum-Slovyansk. Russian forces are continuing to fight to hold this area and expand their penetration into the southeast. Earlier this week, Russian forces captured Izyum, and they have been actively preparing to resume offensive operations in the coming days.

Rebuilding of units is underway around Kyiv. While the Russian army is withdrawing from eastern Ukraine, they are still on a forward trace of the Russian line. The reconstituted Russian forces are likely to be a screening and covering force for Ukrainian forces. Despite the limited information, Ukrainian forces have gained substantial territory near Kyiv in the past 24 hours. Although it is difficult to assess whether or not Russian forces are advancing faster than the Ukrainians, this success suggests that Russian forces are successfully withholding damaged combat power.

Russian general killed in eastern Ukraine

A second top Russian military officer was killed Sunday – Maj. Gen. Vitaly Gerasimov – in the Russian military’s assault on Mariupol, Ukraine. The death of Gerasimov, the commander of the Russian 29th Combined Arms Army, is being investigated by the Russian Defense Ministry. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military confirmed that Maj. Gen. Andrey Kolesnikov was also killed, but provided no further details.

The death of the Russian general is a blow to the country’s international relations. While it is unclear why a top general of the Russian army was killed in Ukraine, it is clear that his actions weakened its military. The Russian military has been waging a protracted war in eastern Ukraine, and it seems the Ukrainians have reacted in a way that is threatening Russia’s global reputation. A high-ranking general has no place in the upcoming negotiations with the Ukrainian government, which is a key step towards peace.

The deaths were caused by explosions, including heavy artillery and air strikes. Some of the victims were found with gags in their mouths. These claims were not independently verified by NBC News, but are based on a source close to the Russian military. The number of casualties is feared to be higher than official reports suggest, because information from the front-line areas is often delayed. In addition, Russian authorities have yet to confirm the deaths of any of their top military officers.

Russian media bureaus closed if a Western country has been “unfriendly” to Russian media

A recent bill in the Russian parliament gave prosecutors the power to close Russian media bureaus abroad if they have been accused of hostile coverage of Russia. This is meant to counter Western countries’ unfair restrictions on Russian media outlets overseas. The law also prohibits foreign journalists from covering state meetings and carries steep fines. A final vote in the upper house of the parliament must be held before it becomes law.

In 2018, Swiss banks froze the accounts of a single Russian oligarch, Viktor Vekselberg. The Swiss government has been critical of Russia’s behavior and actions. However, this decision should not be seen as an act of political or religious persecution. Instead, it should be viewed as a retaliation for a specific act against a Russian oligarch.

On the other hand, the Russian government has also made it legal to steal patents from other countries that have been “unfriendly” to Russia. The country will not compensate companies that use the patents without permission. Meanwhile, US Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs has announced plans to close its Russia branch, making it the first large bank to do so. UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has also announced an asset freeze on seven Russian oligarchs with close ties to the Kremlin.