Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

The founders of Raising Cane’s chicken fingers are no strangers to award-winning cuisine. Recently, they were honored with a bronze medal at the inaugural Fasties awards ceremony, started by Thrillist. The award ceremony recognized Raising Cane’s as the “Most Loyal Guests” in Technomic’s 2018 Consumers’ Choice Awards. And lastly, they were also recognized as “Best New Concept” by Thrillest’s inaugural fast food ranking event.


If you’re craving some hot, crispy chicken fingers, head to Raising Cane’s. With more than 150 locations in the U.S., you’re bound to find one near you. The chicken fingers are the star of the menu, but you won’t find much else on the list. Here’s what to look for. Read on to find out more about the chicken fingers. Listed below are the most popular chicken fingers at Raising Cane’s.

The food at Raising Cane’s is made daily from premium chicken breast tenderloins. These chicken fingers are hand-dipped and then fried in premium Canola Oil. Served with a side of extra-long, center-cut fries, the finger sandwich is a favorite with kids and adults alike. The secret menu option is also available. Guests can enjoy a large pitcher of iced tea or lemonade while eating their chicken fingers.

While chicken fingers are the staple of the menu at Raising Cane’s, the restaurant offers several different sides. While chicken fingers are the main attraction of the menu, you can also order sides, including Cane’s sauce. The chicken fingers are served hot and tender, so if you’re looking for the perfect meal, Raising Cane’s has a great selection of sides to choose from.


If you’re a fan of the famous New York restaurant, Raising Cane’s chicken fingers may be the food you’re looking for. The coveted chicken fingers come with a secret sauce, Texas toast, and fries. You can recreate the delicious restaurant dish at home. Here are some tips for a great tasting chicken finger meal. Use fresh, organic ingredients, like chicken tenderloins, and never freeze them.

To make its chicken fingers, Raising Cane’s uses only the freshest chicken breast tenderloins, the best cut in the poultry business. They receive a continuous supply of fresh tenderloins, and the chicken is marinated for flavor. Staff members then hand bread and fry the chicken in canola oil, which makes the chicken finger sandwich taste even better. The crispy chicken skin and juicy meat are the main ingredients for Raising Cane’s chicken finger recipes, and the results are always delicious.

Once the chicken fingers are cooked, they should be drained on paper towels. After frying, you can prepare the dipping sauce. Raising Cane’s chicken fingers are usually served with their sauce. The sauce can be made with vegan mayo or mayonnaise. You can also add garlic powder, ground black pepper, and ketchup. To enhance the flavor of the chicken fingers, you can also season them with garlic powder and ground black pepper.

Raising Cane’s chicken fingers are served at various locations, including a restaurant in the heart of New Orleans. Originally, the restaurant had a different name, called Sockeye’s Chicken Fingers. This was due to the fact that the owner didn’t have much money to start his business. But a friend urged him to change the name to Raising Cane’s.


As part of a multi-year expansion plan, Raising Cane’s has announced plans to open a new location in Philadelphia on May 12. The company plans to open three additional restaurants in the city by the end of the year. The company originally started in Louisiana and has since grown to over 500 locations. This new Philadelphia location will be the first of several planned across the city. The company also has locations in Delaware and New Jersey.

The New York location is in Manhattan near the intersection of Broadway and West 44th Street. The restaurant is easy to reach via public transportation. There are several subway stops nearby, including the 33rd Street Station and Grand Central Terminal. Raising Cane’s chicken restaurants are also located near the Hudson River, Penn Station, and the Hudson. The nearest subway station is at 33rd Street, where you can take the E train to Penn Station or the Lincoln Tunnel.

The company was originally named Sockeye’s Chicken Fingers, but Graves changed the name after the name of his yellow Lab. He initially wanted to call the restaurant Sockeye’s Chicken Fingers, but after his friends suggested it, he chose Raising Cane. In addition to the name, Raising Cane’s has also become a popular place to volunteer in local communities. In New Orleans, the company has a mascot, a yellow lab.

The first location of Raising Cane’s in Louisiana opened on August 28, 1996 and closed at 3 a.m. during weekdays. Since then, the company has grown to more than 500 locations in various states and the U.S. The Highland Road location, which was referred to as the “Mothership” and has become a tourist attraction, has become a staple of the Louisiana landscape.

Founder’s dream to open a chicken finger restaurant

It all started when Tommy McLaughlin came home from college with little capital and no experience running a business. After attending the University of Tennessee, he signed a lease on a 1,000 square-foot house in Nashville and gutted it. Then, he began developing his menu and business plan. Today, Tommy’s Chicken Ranch is one of the most popular chicken finger restaurants in the country.

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is a fast-growing company with a history of success. Founder Todd Graves had a dream of owning a chicken finger restaurant, so he spent time working in an oil refinery, then in commercial salmon fishing in Alaska. Finally, in 1996, he secured a small business loan and opened his first restaurant in Los Angeles. Since then, the company has grown from one location to more than 550.

The original idea for the business came to Todd Graves while he was still attending college. He was a poor student and had the lowest grade in his class. He then decided to open his first restaurant and kept it open until three in the morning on opening day. The restaurant is now a nationwide franchise. But it wasn’t easy. Todd Graves received the lowest grade in his class because of his poor grades and decided to pursue his dream of owning a chicken finger restaurant.

Todd’s original idea was born out of a college dream. He had the vision of opening a chicken finger restaurant that served nothing but chicken fingers. He drew up a business plan, earning the lowest grade in his class. His idea worked and the business is now thriving. And all this began as a simple college dream. And that dream is now a reality. There’s no better time than now to get your hands on the best chicken fingers in town.

Awards won by chain

Thrillist recently announced the winners of its first fast food awards show, naming Raising Cane’s chicken tenders the best in the world. Their chicken fingers earned the top ranking in breading and seasoning, as well as overall taste and tenderness. The chicken fingers are made with only premium white meat and are hand-battered and cooked to order. They have the distinction of using only the best chicken tenderloins.

Founded in 1996 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Raising Cane’s chicken finger restaurant has grown to more than 375 locations in 24 states, with several more in the works. Known for their chicken finger meals, the restaurant is one of the nation’s fastest-growing chains and is known for supporting the local community and other nonprofit organizations. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Raising Cane’s is one of the nation’s best-known fast food restaurants.

The company has also earned multiple awards for its chicken finger sandwiches. The newest restaurant in the chain is a concept in the works for several years. The brand has also become popular with young diners, who can play arcade games while eating chicken fingers. As a result, the chain has won a number of national awards, including the prestigious James Beard Foundation’s Award for Fast Casual Restaurants. In addition to awards for chicken fingers, Raising Cane’s has been recognized for its overall customer satisfaction and reputation.

Another fast food chain that has exploded in popularity is Raising Cane’s. This chain of chicken-loving Southerners is bringing tastier chicken tenders to customers nationwide. By focusing on the ingredients they use, Raising Cane’s chicken fingers have surpassed the competition in several ways. For example, the chicken is made using a premium cut of chicken called tenderloin, which is one of the best in the poultry business. Raising Cane’s restaurants receive a fresh supply of tenderloins every single day and cook the meat to order. In addition to its hand-breading process, staff members at the chain cook the chicken for each serving.