6 Best Applications for Learning New Skills in 2022 

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Meta 6 Best Applications for Learning New Skills in 2022 Description: Khan Academy and edX are some of the best sources to learn things for free. Check out this article to see other applications to learn new things in 2022. 

Online resources have made education accessible to a lot of people. An internet connection and a smart device (phone or computer) are all you need to learn. Another advantage is that you only have to pay Spectrum internet gig price or the charges of your service provider instead of multiple overheads. It is a significant advantage online learning has over traditional learning.

There is so much educational content available for free and at affordable prices. You can watch it to learn new skills, prepare for tests, and even get free certifications on many platforms. Below are different applications.

Khan Academy

When it comes to resources for free yet quality education, Khan Academy is the best platform. There is so much content available on different school subjects. You can learn things from basic arithmetic to advanced concepts of Algebra 2 at Khan Academy.

Besides learning concepts for school, you can also prepare for entrance exams for colleges. You can check out in-depth sections on topics covered in exams like SAT. There are SAT mock exams that you can take to see your performance. Other exams you can prepare for on this platform are the LSAT and MCAT.

Other than academics and exams, you can learn other skills too. For example, there is a massive collection of videos on programming to help you. You can download the Khan Academy application from Play Store on Android and App Store on iPhones. Also, you can visit the web version for learning. Most importantly, it is free to use as Khan Academy is a non-profit organization.


If you want to take university-level courses from sources like Harvard and MIT, edX is an excellent application. You can earn certifications and even degrees from universities through this platform. It is one of the biggest platforms to learn things and get recognized certificates.

In addition to paid courses and certifications, there is a lot of free content available too. You can easily search for upcoming courses and register yourself by following the easy process. The application is available for Android and Apple devices on the app store.


Udemy is another website where you can take courses and learn new skills. But unlike edX, Udemy does not offer certifications and courses from accredited sources. Instead, there are courses from experts to teach different skills. You can buy courses and complete them at your own pace.

This platform mostly has paid courses but you can find different free courses as well. The company often has ongoing sales that significantly reduce the prices of courses. For example, a course originally sold for $100 can come down to just $20. Therefore, it is better to keep checking if there are any ongoing sales.

Udemy is available for download on Play Store and App Store.


If you want to learn another language but do not afford private tuition, Duolingo is a free application where you can learn different languages. There are more than languages you can learn from this application. You can enhance your speaking, reading, and listening skills in another language by practicing on Duolingo.

Duolingo has ads in it. But by upgrading to the Duolingo Plus (paid version), you can get interrupted learning sessions. The application is available for Android and Apple devices in their respective app stores. But you can also learn on your computer devices by visiting their website.


Coursera is another source for taking different courses and degrees offered by universities and organizations. This platform has more courses oriented toward developing professional skills. Companies like Meta and Google often launch their courses on Coursera. So, there are plenty of accredited certifications you can get from Coursera.

Project management, programming, and digital marketing are some in-demand skills you may learn from Coursera. You can download this application on the App Store and Play Store. You can visit the website too.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is another platform where you can learn different skills. It is a subsidiary of LinkedIn formerly known as Lynda. This platform offers courses taught by experts. The courses you can take from this platform are on technology, creative, business, and other certifications. Taking these courses can add more value to your resume. You can also share them on your LinkedIn profile for potential employers to see. It is a subscription-based service that gives you access to all the available courses.

The application is available on Android and Apple platforms, or you can visit the website.