Calgary News – CFCN-DT

If Calgary News – CFCN-DT you’re looking to watch a local Calgary news show, look no further than CFCN. This iconic radio station has been around for 50 years, and has hosted shows like “The Buck Shot Show” and “The Morning News.”


CFCN-DT is a television station in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is owned by Bell Media and operates in conjunction with cable-exclusive CTV 2 Alberta. It is a member of the CTV Television Network. The Calgary station has a strong presence in the Calgary media market and broadcasts locally as well as nationally. CFCN-DT is known for its coverage of the Calgary Flames hockey team.

CFCN is the largest English-language television station in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They broadcast breaking news and weather reports to their viewers, and have been broadcasting for more than 60 years. Their first transmission was on 09 September 1960 and consisted of a 30-minute newscast followed by two movies. Today, CFCN broadcasts live and feature archived news stories. CFCN can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

The CFCN-DT network also includes CFWL-TV-1 Invermere and a semi-satellite in Lethbridge. CFCN leased tower space from CJLH-TV, which is now known as CISA-DT. In 1975, CFCN-TV debuted its logo, which was used until 1991. During the early 1990s, CFCN partnered with local television stations to provide local programming in communities outside of the Calgary metro area.

CFCN is one of Canada’s largest television networks. In 1967, the station was named “Channel 3” and was first operated on channel 29. In 2005, CFCN adopted its current “CTV Calgary” branding. The station has a long history of producing news in Calgary. This network is owned by the Canadian Television Corporation, a Canadian media company. The station has been a staple of Calgary since 1967.

CFCN-TV began captioning its local news for the hearing-impaired. In addition, the network has recently brought back David Spence to the weather department. After being sold to Bell Canada in 2005, many media companies were interested in purchasing the station. BCE announced its intentions to buy the company for $2.3 billion. The deal had to be approved by the CRTC. The decision will not affect the network’s license to broadcast.

The company plans to use the existing carpenter’s shop to produce and air its news broadcasts. The new station will have one camera and broadcast local news, weather, and sports. A mobile trailer will be used for other newscasts. The new studio building will have the full program schedule by the end of the year. CFCN is a valuable part of the Calgary media market. You will be able to see the Calgary Flames and other events live on CFCN-TV.

Sarah McLaughlin, a former anchor for the CTV Calgary News at Six packages, has joined the team as a reporter. She fell in love with TV broadcasting while volunteering at a community station in Toronto. She hosted a cooking show for two seasons before deciding to pursue a career in journalism. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario’s Media Theory Production program, she completed a Master’s program in journalism at the University of British Columbia.


CFCN-DT is a television station in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is part of the CTV Television Network, owned by Bell Media. It is also a sister station to CFRN-DT in Edmonton. It is currently the second-largest television station in the Calgary market, behind Global Calgary. Its programming covers the Calgary area, including Lethbridge and the surrounding area. Its coverage area is about 400,000 square kilometers.

The channel started its broadcasting activities on January 8, 1967. This is the first second-channel station in Canada. It will air regular programming, including the award-winning route 66, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Guestward Ho, and more. It will also air episodes of the hit Canadian television show ‘Sabre of London’, ‘The Screaming Eagles, and the popular ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ The network plans to launch a web-based program that will be accessible to Calgary residents.

The Calgary newscasts were originally hosted by David Spence, who was the weathercaster for CFCN-DT. However, he was replaced by a new weathercaster, Jocelyn Laidlaw, in 2009.

Darrel Janz is taking a break from anchoring the news at six. After almost four decades, Janz has decided to take on a more specialized reporting role but is still doing his morning anchoring on weekends. In the coming weeks, he’ll take on more responsibilities at the station, including focusing on the weather. So, what can you expect from Darrel Janz?

The station’s leadership changed over the years. Several executives stepped down, including H. Gordon Love, president of Voice of the Prairies Ltd., who had previously been the president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Other senior executives include James A. Love and William N. Haines. Haines’ long career in broadcasting began at CKCR Galt and later moved to CKWS-Radio-TV in Kingston. Eventually, Haines moved to Calgary, where he was president of Voice of the Prairies Ltd., which developed CJAY-FM.

Kevyn McLaughlin joined CTV Calgary in 2016. He covers weather for the national news channel and often speaks to school students as part of the ‘Weather in the Classroom’ program. Before becoming a broadcaster, McLaughlin worked in a craft store and skipped his graduation. He earned his Journalism degree from Mount Royal University and is married to Kevin Stanfield, a Meteorologist at CFCN-DT in Calgary.


The CFCN-TV-8 Calgary station is an English-language television station that broadcasts local breaking news, weather reports, and other programs in Southern Alberta. It also provides online news feeds and a collection of videos. Its content includes local headlines, top stories, and weather information. CFCN-TV also offers a live stream. The station is licensed to broadcast in the Calgary area and is owned by the Gordon family.

CFCN-TV-5 Calgary moved into its own facilities in 1974. Rogers Communications acquired Maclean-Hunter in 1994 and sold CFCN to Baton Broadcasting in 1996. During this time, Rogers acquired a majority stake in CTV and sold CFCN to Baton Broadcasting. The Calgary station’s transmitters grew to eight by 2001. Its content has changed but its name and corporate identity remain the same.

CFCN-TV-8’s new location will be a carpenter’s shop, which will be used to broadcast the network’s news. It will feature a single camera for live news and weather. The company also plans to broadcast the news from a mobile trailer. Eventually, the station will have a permanent studio building and broadcast a full lineup of programs. While this is an ambitious project, Spence’s goal is to become a staple of the Calgary news scene.

CFCN-TV began as an independent television station on September 9, 1960. In 1968, it became a part of the CTV network. It leased tower space from CJLH-TV, which is now owned by CISA-DT. In 1967, Maclean-Hunter purchased the Calgary stations and opened a semi-satellite in Lethbridge. It also leased tower space from CJLH-TV, which became CISA-DT.

The CFCN-TV-8 team includes reporters Courtney Stanfield, David McLaughlin, and Michelle O’Brien. Courtney joined the CTV Morning Live team in May, replacing Michelle O’Brien. She has worked in different roles in the media industry, including a host on Breakfast Television Winnipeg in 2011 and an anchor for morning traffic and weather. She is married to Kevin Stanfield, a CTV Calgary meteorologist. The couple recently welcomed twin daughters, Dean and Gwen, in August.

The CFCN-TV-8 team is comprised of a group of talented people who work with the station to provide the Calgary community with timely, accurate, and entertaining news. The station’s potential audience is approximately 400,000 people. This is an incredible amount of potential viewers. And with a new program every day, there’s always something to talk about. With a team of local news professionals and local experts, CFCN-TV-8 is sure to provide the news Calgary residents need to know.