Markham Weather Forecast – Get The Latest Forecast For Markham

If Markham Weather Forecast – Get The Latest Forecast For Markham you’re looking for the latest Markham weather forecast, look no further. Here you’ll find information on average temperatures, and hourly wind speeds, as well as rainfall and the chance of significant precipitation. In December, expect an average of 3.04 inches of rain and seven days with a significant rainfall. For even more accurate forecasts, check out the weather forecast for Markham in December. Getting an accurate forecast is critical to your overall happiness and well-being.

Partly cloudy

If you are looking for a forecast for Partly cloudy weather in Markham, Ontario, you’ve come to the right place. The average hourly wind speed in Markham varies significantly throughout the year. It’s windier for about 7.6 months from October 2 to May 21, with an average wind speed of more than 10.5 miles per hour. The calmest months are August and July. Average hourly wind speeds also change direction and intensity from month to month.

For the best travel weather in Markham, Ontario, visit from mid-June to mid-September. Markham has partly cloudy weather all year round, with temperatures ranging from 19degF to 84degF. Rarely will temperatures drop below 1degF or rise above 92degF. The warmest time to visit is mid-June through mid-September, with an average high of 73degF in July and a low of 66degF in September.

The earliest sunrise in Markham is on June 14, while the latest sunset is on June 27. Markham experiences significant seasonal variations in rainfall and snowfall. The shortest day in the city is December 21, with 9 hours, 10 minutes of daylight. In contrast, the longest day is June 21, with 15 hours, and 12 minutes of daylight. The black line on the graph shows the number of hours that the Sun will be visible in Markham. The colored bands on the graph denote twilight and full darkness.

In West Markham, the average nighttime temperature is 41degF. The wettest day in the next week is Tuesday 26th July, with 0.40mm of rainfall predicted. There are also forecasts for part-cloudy weather in Markham, WA, which means that you should be prepared for both a hot and humid day. And for the rest of the year, part-cloudy weather in Markham, WA can be just the right thing for you.

High of 77 degF

Throughout the year, the weather in Markham can be described as cloudy. The cloudiest period begins on October 27 and ends on May 30. The cloudiest month in Markham is January, which has 62% of the sky covered by clouds. The percentage of the sky that is covered by clouds is the definition of a “cloudy day,” with a wet day being defined as one with less than 0.04 inches of liquid falling.

The average hourly wind speed in Markham varies significantly throughout the year. It is windier for about 5% of the year, from October 26 to April 20. The windiest month is January, with an average of 11.1 miles per hour. From April 20 to October 26, the average hourly wind speed in Markham is around 8.5 miles per hour. Throughout the year, the predominant wind direction is west.

The longest day of the year is June 21 with an average high of 77 degF. The coldest month is January, with an average low temperature of 16degF. The shortest day in Markham is December 21, while the longest is June 21. In Markham, the sun is visible on average for 7.0 months. However, it’s important to remember that the sun does not always rise on the same day each year.

The warmest time of the year is late June to early September. It is partly cloudy year-round, with temperatures ranging from 14degF to 80degF. However, winter is colder, rarely going below zero and never reaching 88degF. During these months, the weather is warm enough for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and going on vacation. During these times, temperatures typically rise above 70 deg F, and the coldest month is March.

Chance of significant precipitation

The climate of Markham, Ontario, Canada has four distinct seasons. The wetter season lasts for 8.3 months, from February 25 through January 12. In this region, the rainiest days are in the months of September and October, and the drier season lasts for 3.7 months. The highest chance of significant precipitation occurs in late July. The following table shows the rainfall patterns in Markham. The climate data are presented as percentages and averages.

The cloudier part of the year in Markham begins around October 27 and ends around May 30. This period is characterized by high cloud cover with at least 5% of the sky covered in clouds. In addition, there are also periods of low cloud cover, with only 5% of the sky covered by clouds. The average rainfall amount in Markham is 2.0 inches per month in September and 0.5 inches per month in January.

The wettest month in Markham is January, with rain occurring at a rate of 32% of the year. On the other hand, the driest month is July, with only two days with significant precipitation in those months. Markham receives 192.8 inches of rain per year. Whether you like it or not, Markham has a climate that suits you! Consider this climate data when planning your next trip to Markham, Washington.

Average hourly wind speed

Using historical hourly wind data for Markham, Illinois, you can predict the average hourly wind speed. If you live in Markham, or nearby, you can see the average wind speed in Markham, Illinois. This information is useful in preparing your outdoor activities and predicting the weather. To see the average wind speed in Markham, Illinois, select the option for “Average hourly wind speed” in the advanced weather tool.

If you want to know what to expect, check the forecast for Markham for the next seven days, 10 days, and 14 days. Generally, the month of March has a high of 39degF (4degC) and a low of 25degF (-4degF). Others might describe this month as breezy, but there are some differences between the months. The hottest month in Markham is July, with highs of 82degF (28degC), and the coldest is January, with lows of 17degF (8degC).

Daylight saving time (DST) in Markham

When is Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Markham? Canada observes Daylight Saving Time from 15 March to 15 April. This means that the town is one hour ahead of Minneapolis. The city also has the same time zone as Toronto. However, the date and time are not always the same. For example, Markham did not observe DST until 1970. If you would like to know about the history of time zones in Markham, you may want to check the Toronto area.

The United States observes Daylight Saving Time during the spring and autumn seasons. The time in these countries changes every two years. On March 14, 2022, the time in America/Los_Angeles will be +1h ahead of the mark. On November 7, 2022, the time in America/Markham will return to standard time. For more information, see Markham on the world map.

The opposite of Daylight Saving Time is Permanent Standard Time, which has health benefits for humans. Getting up too early in the winter contributes to more depression, cancer, and obesity while waking up too late in the spring causes people to wake up earlier. In addition, people’s circadian rhythm is disrupted by inflexible schedules. For example, waking up 20 minutes earlier means you’d have to go to work before the sun rises.