Buying Secondhand Clothing at the Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Buying Secondhand Clothing at the Buffalo Exchange

The Buying Secondhand Clothing at the Buffalo Exchange and operated resale shop that buys and sells secondhand clothing. It also offers free shipping on all purchases. If you are considering shopping at Buffalo Exchange, consider these tips. The company offers the widest selection of affordable, stylish and high-quality used clothing. Buying secondhand clothing from Buffalo Exchange is a great way to save money while shopping for the latest fashion trends. Whether you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes or want to upgrade your existing closet, you’ll find a bargain at Buffalo Exchange.

Beacon’s Closet

Beacon’s Closet is a women-founded chain of secondhand shops in New York City. Their selection is known for being very selective. They donate any clothing they can’t sell to charities. This gives them an opportunity to pass along their gently used items to others in need. While they don’t accept returns, you can buy a new coat or pair of shoes from them for as little as $15.

While the resale industry as a whole is $16 billion and growing at six percent a year, many of these stores are seeing rapid growth. One such store, Beacon’s Closet at Buffalo Exchange, has quadrupled its locations in the last decade. There are some downsides to shopping at resale stores, however: if you know where to look, you may find something you really like.

First of all, Beacon’s

First of all, Beacon’s Closet is a warehouse full of previously-worn clothing. Although you won’t find your dream dress here, you can make a good profit selling used clothes. Although it can be overwhelming to look through all of the items, the store’s mission and philanthropy make it a worthwhile experience. The price is great, and you’ll be surprised by how many things you’ll find that are still in good condition.

You may be surprised to learn that Beacon’s Closet at Buffalo exchange sells more designer brands than other thrift stores. Items like Prada boots and Acne jeans can be found here. The pricing at this shop is not comparable to other thrift stores. Although it might not be the best choice for your budget, you’ll find many designer pieces on its shelves. Whether you’re looking for something new or want to buy a classic, this store has a great selection of both.

There are many ways to sell your used clothes in Buffalo. You can visit Beacon’s Closet at Buffalo Exchange or advertise online. Craigslist, Crossroads Trading Company, Second Time Around, and Eleven are all great places to sell your used clothes. But don’t forget that selling your used clothes in Buffalo Exchange is subjective. A vintage mumu worn by a different woman may be rejected by a different shop entirely.


The seasonal items at the Crossroads at Buffalo Exchange change seasonally. Each year the company determines what items will be available for spring and summer. In addition to seasonal merchandise, the store also rotates through international favorites. You can see what’s available for the season here. The store is a great place to find a bargain and a few of the best pieces are sold throughout the year. If you’re looking for a particular piece, you can visit the corporate office in Berkeley.

The Buffalo Exchange store opened in 1974 and has 49 outposts nationwide. The Crossroads location opened in 1991, and today, it has 32 locations coast to coast. Revenue from Crossroads was $21 million per year in 2012.

Although both locations are good for selling clothes, Buffalo tends to pay more and accepts fewer styles than Crossroads. Buffalo is better if you want to sell clothes in good condition, but the prices are higher. Buffalo employees tend to buy more and are more likely to be unique than other shoppers. While Buffalo has an excellent selection of clothing, Crossroads’ employees tend to be more likely to buy more basic brands. Despite the prices, Crossroads offers higher quality items.

The sell-by-mail system is easy to use. Simply fill out a bag with your unwanted clothes, send it back to the store with prepaid shipping, and wait for the check. If you sell your unwanted items through sell-by-mail, Buffalo Exchange will pay you in cash or on a store gift card. And if you don’t want to part with your used clothes, the Buffalo Exchange will donate or return your unwanted clothes to you for a small fee.

The resale clothing industry is worth $16 billion a year, and its growth is 6 percent annually. As such, Buffalo Exchange and the Crossroads Company have been expanding rapidly over the past decade. For example, one store may like your vintage mumu, while another may reject it. But no matter the type of secondhand clothing, Buffalo Exchange and the Crossroads at Buffalo Exchange are great places to sell used items.