123 Go! – The Demographics of 123 Go!

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123 Go! - The Demographics of 123 Go!

Purchasing 123 Go! merchandise is a great way to support independent artists. Each piece is designed by an independent artist and printed on quality products. The company is also committed to using socially responsible printing practices. Every purchase helps put money in the artist’s pocket. So, while you’re chomping at the bit to purchase your new 123 Go! t-shirt, you can rest assured that the money you spend on it will be put to good use.

Subscriber count

The 123 GO! YouTube channel is owned by media company TheSoul Publishing and features tutorials, life hacks, and pranks for viewers. The channel describes itself as a “content farm” and aims to provide users with fun and easy-to-follow DIY videos. To stay competitive, it uploads content about DIY, beauty, and fashion. If you’re wondering how many subscribers it has, you can check the subscriber count of the channel to get an idea of its popularity.


Currently, the largest YouTube channel owned by TheSoul Publishing has a huge number of subscribers: over 11.7 million. The channel’s content ranges from easy DIY tutorials to life hacks and pranks. It’s not uncommon to see two-thirds of 123 GO! subscribers being female. In addition, its audience grows steadily month after month. In fact, there are now over 2.5 million subscribers per day!

The content uploaded on these channels are of varying quality. Some are very high quality while others are not. In any case, the videos are very popular. As a result, 123 Go subscribers can expect to see a steady stream of videos. This is especially important for the Indonesian channel, which posts videos every day. You can even opt to subscribe to the Indonesian version of 123 Go to get updates on what’s new in the Indonesian version.

Subscribers’ demographics

123 GO!’s YouTube channel has nearly three million subscribers and 449 videos. There are over 1.8 billion total views on the channel. Considering its popularity, it’s easy to see why the channel is generating hundreds of millions of views each month. The demographics of its subscribers are also quite interesting: over two-thirds of its subscribers are women. So who exactly are they? The following article reveals the demographics of 123 GO! subscribers and how they’re shaped by their interests.