Sunright Tea Studio in Arcadia, California

Sunright Tea Studio

Sunright Tea Studio in Arcadia, California

The Sunright Tea Studio in Arcadia, California is a unique place to enjoy fine, hand-crafted tea drinks. The teas are made using real fruits and premium ingredients, and their selection includes something for everyone. Try their Sunright boba milk tea or one of their fresh fruit teas. There are also brown sugar boba milks and other options available. You can also order food to go from the self-order kiosks. Read on to learn more.

Mango jasmine tea

The Arcadia location of Sunright Tea Studio is located in a strip mall and is attached to a food court. The restaurant is located near the Arboretum and the 99 Ranch market, which bring lots of foot traffic. Despite the location, the store struggles to keep enough employees. The food court is a fast-paced environment and staff members need a break from serving customers. In order to keep up with demand, the shop plans to add more employees.

The company started in Sichuan, China, and has since expanded to Los Angeles. The founders of the company have extensive experience in the food industry, and they source their teas from premium Taiwanese farms. As a result, the ingredients used in the tea are fresh and flavorful. The Arcadia location opened in November 2021 and is now one of the busiest in the chain.

Sunright tea studio also has a great selection of seasonal fruit teas. Their Sunny Fruit Tea, for example, combines Four Seasons tea with fresh fruit and juice. This tea is a refreshing and healthy drink that is a perfect summer treat. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing drink or a sweet and refreshing drink, the Sunright Tea Studio is the place to go. Its staff is friendly and helpful, and the decor is cute and quaint.

In addition to their delicious mango jasmine tea, the Sunright Tea Studio serves many specialty beverages. Their menu also includes boba, taro, matcha, and even Oreos. The teas are brewed with fresh ingredients in the tea studio. The company sources leaves from top-notch farms and ferments them to a delicate sweetness. Their teas are also made with tapioca, which is imported from Taiwan.

Caramelized brown sugar boba fresh milk

It’s not easy to keep up with the demand at Arcadia’s Sunright Tea Studio. It’s tiny, with just six staff members, and employees running from one station to another to prepare caramelized brown sugar boba and fresh milk. The staff works non-stop, preparing drinks and grabbing ingredients from the kitchen every three minutes. Even when the internet went down, the staff kept the business humming, producing one drink every three minutes.

Caramelized brown sugar boba with fresh milk is a favorite among the staff at Sunright Tea Studio. Chheang, a senior at the University of California, enjoys the flexible hours and convenient location. Go, who is taking post-grad classes, loves how Sunright fits her school schedule. While living in Irvine, Chheang and Go were regulars at Sunright when they lived in the city.

The latest trend in bubble tea is the caramelized brown sugar boba. This drink is made with organic milk and caramelized brown sugar. You can also get brown sugar ice cream or tea latte at the same place. The boba at Sunright tea studio is freshly prepared daily at all locations. Whether you’re craving a traditional milk tea or an exotic twist, you’ll love the caramelized brown sugar boba at Sunright’s flagship café.

To prepare caramelized brown sugar boba, heat up six cups of water in a saucepan. After boiling, remove it from the heat. After about five minutes, the brown sugar will have cooled enough to add to boba. The boba can be added to milk tea or ice. If desired, soak the boba in a brown sugar bath before serving.

Califia farm’s oat milk

The Sunright Tea Studio specializes in specialty beverages, like oat milk brulee lattes and coffee drinks. They use fresh fruit and oat milk in their creations, as well as Asian-inspired teas and herbs. The company operates 17 cafes throughout Southern California, and just recently signed a lease for its first San Diego location. The coffee shop’s menu combines traditional Taiwanese flavors with popular trends in SoCal. For instance, it offers a variety of flavors ranging from classic Oreo to American favorites like vanilla.

Brulee Lattes with Oat Milk are another popular choice, and are available in four flavors: vanilla, banana, and chocolate. The teas are made with a variety of sweet and savory flavors, including a seasonal mango tea. Sunright tea studio also offers Original Tea and Brulee Lattes, which can be made with a variety of milks.

In addition to sourcing products from around the world, the company also sources plant-based milk from California’s Califia Farms. Its menu includes a variety of artisanal teas and coffees, as well as tea lattes made with Califia farm’s oat milk. In addition to oat milk, the menu offers a range of other crafted beverages and desserts.

The staff at the Sunright Tea Studio is small, and the company has six people working eight hours a day. Each morning, they prepare caramelized brown sugar boba fresh milk tea, keep a dozen pre-swirled cups in a refrigerator case, and pack orders. Despite the small size of the staff, they love their fast-paced environment, as they work long hours, with only a small amount of time to rest between orders.

Self-ordering kiosks

The self-ordering kiosks at Sunright Boba Shop help customers avoid long wait times and order errors by letting them select their items themselves. They also allow customers to place orders online and via Uber Eats to have their order delivered at their doorstep. The Sunright Boba Shop was one of the first boba studios in San Francisco to implement the new technology, and has been receiving rave reviews from customers.

The kiosks work with a Square for Restaurants POS system. Some support multiple payment processors, while others have physical buttons. After a customer picks a menu item, the kiosk then provides instructions on how to pay for it. A user can enter a credit card number or scan a QR code. In some cases, the kiosk can even accept voice commands for ordering. The voice recognition capabilities can help visually-impaired customers place orders without the help of a human.


Self-ordering kiosks are becoming more popular in restaurants and retail establishments alike. These kiosks make it easier for customers to place their orders and avoid the long line at the cash register. They also reduce restaurant staffing costs. The kiosks offer the convenience of being able to change menu items without reprinting or distributing menus. The kiosks can also be updated without the need for printing menus, making it easier for restaurants to offer specials and promotions to customers.

Sunright Tea Studio is located in a strip mall in Arcadia. It is connected to a food court, a typical Southern California strip mall. The location is small and tucked away from the main drag, Baldwin Avenue. Sunright has two self-ordering kiosks, which allow customers to make their own selections. The menu includes tea and coffee drinks, as well as boba milk, cheese foam, brulee lattes, and other drinks. Some drinks are also available in half-gallon sizes.

Delivery fees

You can find a variety of teas and other beverages at the Sunright Tea Studio. The company sources its tea leaves from mountaintop farms where the master farmers carefully roll and roast them. The company blends the blends with natural tea varietals and prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients. Delivery fees do vary depending on your location, but they are generally less than a dollar. If you want to try their products for yourself, you can also place an order online.

Delivery fees vary by area, so you should always check the website or app to see what your delivery fee will be. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of paying for delivery yourself, Sunright Tea Studio has an Uber Eats delivery service. If you are not located in Fullerton, you can order online or use the Uber Eats app. To find out more, check out their menu online and order using Uber Eats.

The Sunright Tea Studio in Los Angeles has two locations in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Both locations offer delivery and pickup. Their menu includes a variety of unique beverages. Popular drinks include the Taro Milk Tea and Oreo Brulee Boba Milk. Whether you prefer a drink with a little bit of sugar or a shot of espresso, you’ll find the perfect choice for a sweet treat.