Can You Consider Mitragyna Javanica As The Best Kratom Replacement?

Can You Consider Mitragyna Javanica As The Best Kratom Replacement?

Can You Consider Mitragyna Javanica As The Best Kratom Replacement?

The most well-known member of the Mitragyna genus is Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa. Most people are aware that it is the only shrub in this genus. Other Mitragyna plants do exist, one of which is the Mitragyna Javanica. This product can be an effective Kratom alternative easily found at Kona kratom

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M. Javanica, sometimes referred to as Mitragyna Diversifolia, originates from the same Southeast Asian countries as Kratom. The two plants are relatively similar, yet they are not the same.

M. Javanica has distinct alkaloids and has very different effects.

Mitragyna Javanica: What Is It?

Kratom-related Mitragyna Speciosa is commonly found alongside Mitragyna Javanica. Due to its significant analgesic, sedative, and stimulant properties, Kratom has become a well-known medicinal plant worldwide.

Although M. Javanica is not nearly as strong as Kratom, it may be a proper substitute. It has some of the same alkaloids but lacks the potent compounds mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, for which Kratom is widely known.

  • The two plants resemble one another quite a bit—almost precisely—having both tall, solid stems and large leaves.
  • M. Javanica has several advantages. These advantages may not appear impressive when compared to Kratom. On the other hand, it is a precious medicinal herb that is powerful.
  • The relative scarcity of M. Javanica is one factor in its lack of appeal. Even the vast majority of Southeast Asians are ignorant of this specific Mitragyna plant.
  • Thailand is an exception to this. The government’s 1979 ban on Kratom contributed to the plant’s widespread recognition for its medical potential. This broad ban undoubtedly contributed to the rise in popularity of M. Javanica by encouraging individuals to look for Kratom substitutes.
  • Kratom, sometimes referred to as Krathumna in Thailand, treats fevers, cramps, diarrhea, and coughs. Even examples of individuals taking it to cure malaria have occurred.
  • M. Javanica is an excellent alternative for persons in locations where Kratom is prohibited since it is lawful practically everywhere.

Influences and Advantages of Mitragyna Javanica

Since M. Javanica is a Kratom substitute, the two substances garner many comparisons. Like Kratom, it has a stimulating effect at lower dosages and a sedative effect at greater levels. The details are where the distinctions lie.

Overall, M. Javanica is less effective than Kratom for the typical effects (energy, pain, sleep, and anxiety), although it is more effective in certain instances. For instance, it is a considerably more effective infection-prevention and immune system booster than Kratom. In larger dosages, it can assist control blood pressure, increase overall health and wellness, and uplift mood without becoming overly sedated.


The main Kratom alkaloid mitragynine, which helps stabilize mood and lessens worry and tension, is absent from M. Javanica. However, Mitrajavine, the primary alkaloid of M. Javanica, seems to function similarly to mitragynine. Although less potent, it can interact with opioid receptors, elevating mood momentarily and encouraging relaxation.

This factor is where comparing M. Javanica with Kratom will provide disappointing results. But even someone who has never used Kratom will probably discover its advantages for regulating mood. However, M. Javanica only functions as a tool to aid in your long-term, beneficial modifications. To “heal” your anxiety, do not depend only on the plant; it is not a long-term answer. Instead, use its energizing and mood-enhancing qualities to transform your lifestyle for the better.

Relieving pain

Most Mitragyna species, including M. Javanica, have some analgesic qualities. It still works well as a sedative, pain reliever, and muscle relaxant, even if it is not nearly as strong. Expect to feel minor alleviation than with Kratom, even at higher dosages. However, the impact is more noticeable.

Action Against Microbes

There are at least seventy-three endophytic fungi in M. Javanica. Although it may seem frightening, these specific fungi have potent antibacterial properties, making the plant beneficial for anybody looking to combat a microbial illness.

Blood Pressure Management

The M. Javanica alkaloid ajmalicine may lower blood pressure by calming smooth vascular muscles and reducing activity.

Controlling the Signs of Opiate Withdrawal

Kratom is effective for treating the effects of opioid withdrawal. It may not treat withdrawal symptoms brought on by severe, long-term addictions because of how light it is. It could, however, provide some alleviation for mild to severe withdrawal. Though it is not as potent, M. Javanica’s Mitrajavine may assist people in managing withdrawal. It is essential to take caution while taking any medication, whether it is herbal, prescribed, or over-the-counter, since anything having opioid qualities may lead to addiction.

Dosage of Mitragyna Javanica

The dose for Mitragyna Javanica is not predetermined. There are no set doses for a herb as well-known as Kratom. However, you can follow this dosage guide-

Little Dose (1–3 Grams)

This quantity is a decent first dosage that might acquaint you with the herb. Be prepared if you do not feel very much. Always start slowly, but if you are not feeling it after two hours, feel free to attempt a medium dosage.

Moderate Dose (3–6 Grams)

Start with a moderate dosage if you have prior experience with Kratom or Mitragyna herbs. This dosage is less prone to overwhelm someone acquainted with the plants and is more likely to have beneficial effects.

Large Dose (6-10 Grams)

You should take a large dosage of M. Javanica if you already have a resistance to Kratom or if you are using it to treat withdrawal. Most people will likely find this too much. However, someone with a high Kratom tolerance may require this much to feel anything.

Availability Of Mitragyna Javanica

The simplest and safest approach to get M. Javanica is probably through a licensed Kratom supplier in your nation. The Javanica species is hard to come by, but as more people learn about this Kratom substitute, more retailers will probably start carrying it.

Warnings for Mitragyna Javanica

  • Please use caution while taking Mitragyna Javanica, as with any supplement or herbal remedy. 
  • First of all, M. Javanica does have certain alkaloids that have an impact on the opioid system. If used in high quantities repeatedly every day, it could lead to dependency.
  • Second, it may also result in a drop in blood pressure. Thus you should see a doctor before trying M. Javanica if you are on any medications for hypo- or hypertension.
  • Be cautious if you are utilizing M. Javanica to wean yourself off Kratom gradually. Your body recalls the sensation of addiction more vividly as you get hooked on a drug. This factor implies that users can become more prone to physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms.

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A cross-tolerance might also occur. You may not experience the impacts of the chemicals in M. Javanica as intensely as you may otherwise if you have become accustomed to certain of the alkaloids found in Kratom.


While less robust overall than Kratom, the medicinal herb Mitragyna Javanica offers many of the same advantages as that substance. M. Javanica has a lesser risk of adverse effects and is often milder than Kratom, although this may culminate in fewer stimulating effects.