Zoes Kitchen – New Ownership, Menu Changes, and Growth

Zoes Kitchen

Zoes Kitchen - New Ownership, Menu Changes, and Growth

Zos Kitchen is a restaurant chain with a Mediterranean-inspired menu. It’s headquartered in Plano, Texas. The restaurants have recently undergone an ownership change. In this article, we’ll look at the new ownership, menu changes, and growth. We’ll also discuss the company’s recent acquisition by Cava Group.

Cava’s acquisition of zoes kitchen

The recent acquisition of Zoe’s Kitchen by the Cava Group Inc. for $300 million marks a major shift for the fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant chain. Cava is focused on serving healthy food, and has been working to reduce costs by reducing the number of Zoe’s locations. The group plans to convert the remaining locations into Cava-branded restaurants. This acquisition also adds to Cava’s expansion plans, including the addition of suburban locations.


The deal is expected to close by the end of the first half of this year Zoes Kitchen. The acquisition will add more than a hundred new locations in North America. In the meantime, Cava will continue to introduce its food to customers and work with Zoes’ leadership team to ensure that the business grows together.

The acquisition of Zoes Kitchen will also expand Cava’s reach to upscale suburban markets. With a Mediterranean-themed concept and extensive digital capabilities, there are opportunities for the two brands to meld their menus. The two companies are already partnered with several other successful local restaurant concepts.


The deal also strengthens Cava’s position in the fast casual Mediterranean market. The merger of Zoes Kitchen with Cava will create a world-class brand in the Mediterranean market. The combined company will drive extraordinary growth and customer satisfaction. In the meantime, Cava will continue to convert Zoes Kitchen locations to serve the brand’s new concept.

Cava’s acquisition of Zoe’s Kitchen was announced in August 2017 and completed in August 2018. The deal is funded by a large equity investment from Cava and Act III Holdings, and Kevin Miles, the CEO of Zoe’s Kitchen, is no longer the company’s CEO. Act III Holdings founder Ron Shaich will serve as chairman of the combined company. Combined with the acquisition, the new company will include more than 261 restaurants in 20 states.


The menu at Zoes Kitchen is a diverse mix of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, including pitas, wraps, salads, and seafood. There are many vegetarian and vegan choices on the menu, as well as meat-free options. The place is known for its fresh ingredients and emphasizes a Mediterranean-style diet. The menu also includes a drink list, which includes fountain drinks, juices, and hot tea.

The restaurant chain is located in cities around the United States. It is a fast-casual chain, selling Mediterranean food. Unlike other fast-food restaurants, the food served at Zoes Kitchen is made using fresh, high-quality ingredients. In addition to its menu, the chain also offers a “Take Home” tub that contains salads, soups, and grilled chicken.


Zoes Kitchen opened its first location in Homewood, Alabama, in 1995. It is still owned and operated by Zoe Cassimus, a woman who has spent most of her life cooking for her family. The chain currently has 224 locations in 20 states, with plans for more to come. While the company has grown, Zoe Cassimus remains the driving force behind the business.

The menu at Zoes Kitchen is varied, and has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. There are also options for people with high protein needs and dietary restrictions. It’s also great for entertaining since you don’t have to worry about planning and cooking different meals for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re entertaining for a large group or just want to treat yourself to something special, Zoes Kitchen has the perfect menu for you.

Reasonable and Competitive

The prices at Zoes Kitchen are reasonable and competitive. Prices are a bit higher than average, but they are competitive compared to other restaurants. You can even order food to go for takeout or for delivery. They also offer mobile ordering for those who prefer the convenience of ordering on the go. This means that you don’t have to worry about paying the restaurant’s full price for a takeaway meal.


For those who don’t have the time to prepare dinner or are hosting a special occasion, the Zoe’s Kitchen service is an excellent choice. The menu includes a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The restaurant has been doing catering deliveries since 2009 and offers both in-house and third-party delivery.

Zoe’s Kitchen service delivers the quality of food you’d expect at a fine dining restaurant, yet at a price you can afford. With seasonal ingredients and global flavors, Chef Zoe’s meals will create unforgettable memories for you and your guests. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or a more casual family dinner, the food from Zoe’s Kitchen will leave your guests raving.

Meal Preparation

A Zoe’s Kitchen service can also handle shopping, meal preparation, and clean-up for your next party. Whether you’re hosting a romantic dinner for two, a family gathering, or an upscale cocktail party, Zoe’s services are flexible and customizable to fit your needs and preferences.

In addition to expanding into new markets, Zoe’s management has expanded its restaurant footprint by opening 25-28 new units this year and renovating 12 more. The new units will keep the same restaurant design and kitchen and retain the same name. The new restaurant concept could result in a more streamlined restaurant experience.

Customer service at Zoe’s Kitchen is also a highlight Zoes Kitchen. While many fast-casual chains focus on the speed and ease of dining, the restaurant is committed to the comfort of its customers. During a busy lunch or dinner, a waiter can take care of your food. The staff is friendly and professional, and the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting.


Investors have to carefully consider whether to buy Zoe’s Kitchen stock in the coming months. The stock has recently soared 19%, but its growth isn’t sustainable Zoes Kitchen. It’s reliant on a rapid expansion and the opening of new locations to generate profits. In fact, the company’s management has lowered its guidance for post-2016 growth by 25%. As a result, its stock could decline from $35 to $12 within a year.

In addition to Texas, the company has opened new locations in Kansas City and Philadelphia. The company is planning to continue expanding its operations in the Midwest, while fine-tuning its strategies in its home state. The new locations will maintain the company’s unified brand identity and continue to customize their menus for the needs of each location.

Zoe’s Kitchen has been growing rapidly since it went public in 2014. Its shares have risen over 65 percent since the IPO, and the company now has 16 locations Its customers are largely female and work in high-end environments. Their average household income is over $100,000 and they are largely college educated.

Zoe’s Kitchen’s

Zoe’s Kitchen’s merger with Cava was a smart move Zoes Kitchen. The merger has increased its geographical footprint and added to its dynamic. The company has a strong owner in Ron Shaich, the founder of Panera Bread. He is well known for using Zoes Kitchen technology and sales figures to create a better brand than the competition.

In addition to improving the menu and increasing its customer service, the CAVA Grill brand is also introducing new technologies. These include mobile-order Zoes Kitchen and a new order form. With this expansion, Cava Grill is seeking to improve its hospitality experience and add more food options, including vegan options and international cuisines. Its current plan is to continue to convert Zoe’s Kitchen locations and to continue to grow. These changes will make the restaurants feel like new CAVA locations.

In August 2017, Cava announced a $300 million purchase of Zoe’s Kitchen. The acquisition was first announced in August 2017. Founders Ron Shaich (who was previously CEO of Panera Bread) and Jason Morgan (who is CEO of Cava) played a major role in funding the transaction. The deal eliminated Kevin Miles as CEO of Zoe’s Kitchen and created a new executive team.