Emerald City Smoothie

Emerald City Smoothie

Emerald City Smoothie

If you are in the mood for a fresh and delicious smoothie, try an Emerald City Smoothie. It’s a great choice if you are craving a delicious fruit smoothie without the extra sugar and fat. It’s also available at many locations. You can even get it delivered if you like.

Benefits of emerald city smoothie

Emerald City Smoothie is a new retail concept that marries the benefits of good health with a delicious treat. Their 24-ounce smoothies are so fresh and delicious that it’s hard not to want more. Plus, they are also fat-free and contain only a handful of calories. These smoothies are a perfect pick-me-up, especially for those who are trying to build muscle mass.

Emerald City Smoothie‘s Perks rewards program gives customers the opportunity to earn reward points for every dollar spent on drinks. In addition, customers can receive a birthday bonus when they order smoothies. Every time they visit the store on their birthday, they will receive 15 points. However, they must use these points within seven days of receiving them. Customers can also earn rewards for referring friends, which is another great way to earn free smoothies!

Emerald City Smoothie customers come from all walks of life, and they value good health. Many of them participate in sports and exercise regularly. They also consider their smoothies a valuable part of their health regimen. In addition, they buy protein bars and other nutritional supplements to complement their regular diets.

Emerald City

Emerald City Smoothie offers a range of tasty smoothies and protein bars to meet all tastes and dietary requirements. Many of their smoothies are made with fresh fruit and include nutritional supplements. For example, they offer a vegan version of their classic shake. In addition, you can order online and pick up your smoothie at your convenience. No matter what your health goal is, you’ll find that Emerald City Smoothie offers several benefits that will make it well worth the price.

The Emerald City Smoothie franchise is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to get into the food and beverage industry. It is a $2 billion industry that is prime for growth. A franchise can be purchased for $165,300 to $293,400 and includes all necessary inventory, start-up training, and the right to open an additional store in the downtown Seattle area. Franchisees will find that Emerald City Smoothie offers a proven track record and a strong customer base.

Emerald City Smoothie has been in business since 1996 and has spread across many states. In addition to the Seattle location, the company has locations in Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Oregon. Its franchisee owners are aiming to expand in several more states throughout the next several years, including Arizona.

Customers can also order their smoothies online through Uber Eats. However, the delivery may not be available everywhere in Gig Harbor. Once a customer places an order online, it can be picked up at another location or delivered to their home. The online ordering process allows you to view the menu and read reviews.


The Emerald City Smoothie chain has locations across the US. The company started out in Seattle and has since expanded to other states. The brand specializes in healthy smoothies made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. These smoothies provide fuel for active living. The company also offers nutritional supplements. You can check out the Emerald City Smoothie website for more information. The brand also offers happy hour every Thursday. The company is also committed to maintaining a high level of customer service.

The company also offers franchise opportunities. Franchisees are able to tap into a $2 billion industry with little initial investment and a huge upside. The brand has a proven track record and a strong customer base. Franchisees can take advantage of this by starting an Emerald City Smoothie in their area.

Washington state

The company has multiple locations in Washington state. There are even a few in Greenwood, WA. You can check the store locator map to find an Emerald City Smoothie near you. Emerald City Smoothie also has a careers page where you can apply for a job. The website also includes ratings and reviews from previous employees.

If you can’t make it to the store, you can place an order online. In some cases, the company offers pick-up and delivery services. In addition, you can also place an order through Uber Eats. You can even find a menu online. But be aware that some Emerald City Smoothie locations have different menus than others. And prices and hours may vary between locations.

The Emerald City Smoothie chain has many locations throughout the United States. Find a location by clicking on the location name in the city or state you live in. You can also find customer reviews, hours of operation, and other details on the site. You can also search for a specific Emerald City Smoothie location by searching by state or city.

The customer base of Emerald City Smoothie varies, but most of its clients are health-conscious individuals who value their physical well-being. They exercise, participate in sports, and are interested in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. They consider smoothies an important part of their daily routine. In addition to the smoothies, customers can also buy nutritional supplements and protein bars.

The company offers a variety of smoothies, including dairy-free and gluten-free options. The smoothies come in 16 or 24-ounce portions. For a little more, you can choose a 32-ounce smoothie for $4. The company also offers online support through its website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Delivery options

The Emerald City Smoothie is a neighborhood smoothie shop that has a diverse menu of over 30 different flavors and bowls. The company is renowned for offering nutritious food, including acai and fiber, and many of its products are vegan. It also offers delivery options through Doordash, Grubhub, and Chownow.

You can order Emerald City Smoothie online. Be sure to check the pricing, as it may differ from that of the store. You can also find hours for the different locations. There are also delivery options through Uber Eats. While ordering online, remember that the prices may differ from the prices at the store.