Mister O1 is Looking to Expand in Dallas

Mister O1

Mister O1 is Looking to Expand in Dallas

Mister O1 is an Italian-inspired pizzeria with a global reach. Founded by chef Renato Viola, it opened in Miami in 2014 and is now expanding to the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. The company is also planning to open a new location in Dallas in the future. However, it has not announced a specific opening date. Its pizza is famous for its flavorful crust and fresh ingredients.

Renato Viola is the chef and founder of Mister O1 Extraordinary Pizza

Chef Renato Viola is an Italian native. He learned about food at an early age. His mother would wake him up at three in the morning to make lasagna, ragu, and pizza dough. At four years old, Viola fell in love with pizza. He would help his mother make pizzas for the family every Sunday. During the years following, his mother worried that he was overeating.

Renato Viola, the chef and founder of Mister O1 in Miami, is an Italian native with an outstanding talent for making pizza. He was apprenticed to some of Italy’s best pizza chefs when he was 11. During his early career, he won numerous awards for his pizza-throwing talents in Italy and throughout Europe. He came to Miami Beach, Florida, in 2014, on an O-1 visa (an immigration visa granted to people with extraordinary abilities and achievements).

Mister O1

Mister O1 was founded by Italian chef Renato Viola, who claims that the restaurant’s pizza is truly “extraordinary.” Despite the limited space, the pizzeria now has 18 seats. His pizza is shaped like a star and features a pouch of ricotta cheese in each point. Viola’s unique pizza style has inspired other Italian pizzaiolos to copy his techniques. He has even named his special pies after close friends and his first customers.

As a child, Renato ate only pizza, thanks to his mother’s Italian culture. When he was 11, he started working at a pizza shop. Then, he wasn’t allowed to touch dough until he was 14. At fourteen, he had an industrial-sized dough mixer in his basement. Today, he divides his time between Mister O1 and his school.

While Mister O1 has several locations across the country, it has become a cult favorite in Miami Beach. In fact, it has recently been hailed as the best pizza in Florida. And now, it’s coming to Dallas!

The pizzeria opened in Miami in 2014

Mister O1 is a Miami-based pizzeria known for its signature star-shaped pizza. It’s currently planning to open a location in Dallas this fall on Oak Lawn Avenue near Turtle Creek. Founded by Italian-born master pizza chef Renato Viola, the pizzeria features fresh ingredients from Italy and local vendors.

The pizzeria opened its first location in South Beach, Florida, in 2014. It was named Visa-O1, but was soon renamed. It opened a second location in Brickell in 2016, then a location in Wynwood in 2017, and one in Coconut Grove this year. In addition to opening locations in Miami, Mister O1 is now expanding to Palm Beach County.

The pizzeria has quickly developed a cult following in Miami Beach, as well as across the country. It’s so popular that Food and Wine magazine has named Mister O1 the best pizza in Florida by 2021. Now, it’s coming to Dallas, too.

It opened in Saudi Arabia in 2016

Mister O1 is a Miami-based pizzeria that has expanded to numerous locations throughout the United States, including Brickell and Wynwood. The company has also expanded to Madrid, Saudi Arabia, and Naples. Its pizzeria is known for its delicious pies, which are made with finely ground Italian flour.

The company’s concept revolves around pizza, and the menu includes specialty star-shaped pies that are made by folding over the edge of the pie, creating eight pockets of ricotta cheese. Mister O1 also has more than 20 specialty pizzas, such as one topped with truffle oil and one with fried eggs. Other specialty toppings include speck, avocado, honey, and ginger.

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It plans to open a second location in Dallas

If you are looking for a unique pizza experience, the Miami-based Mister O1 is looking to expand in Dallas. The restaurant is headed by Southern Italian master pizza chef Renato Viola and is planning to open its first Texas location in Oak Lawn. Their star-shaped pizzas are famous for their ricotta cheese crust and come with a variety of toppings. They also have calzones, salads, and burrata.

The Dallas location will be located at 3838 Oak Lawn Avenue and is set to open in autumn 2022. The restaurant’s new location will be a welcome addition to Dallas’ growing food scene. The company’s second location is expected to serve a diverse menu of Italian dishes.