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Trey’s Trades is a personal blog by Trey Collins. He is a college graduate from Maryland and a Private Index Trader. The has become a popular Crypto enthusiast and has been sharing his trading journey with the world. He is a fan of Cryptocurrencies and shares his detailed thoughts about his trading journey over the past four years.

Adam Aron

The CEO of AMC Entertainment, Adam Aron, joined the YouTube channel Trey’s Trades to discuss AMC’s finances. The company recently raised $600 million from the sale of 11.5 million shares. It has become a popular stock among online investing communities. Aron also discussed upcoming business moves to create “genuine value” for shareholders. However, there is a slight problem. Around 14 minutes into the video, Aron’s camera falls, which constitutes a cardinal sin when teleconferencing.

Aron has previously targeted short sellers. His most recent tweet may have been a reference to short sellers, who often claim that they can’t see their bottoms. His tweet went viral, with the hashtag “#chokeonthat” trending across Twitter. While it’s impossible to say with certainty that Aron’s tweet was a reference to short sellers, it appears to be a satirical dig at the market.

Trey Trades has been on the scene for just over three months. Although it’s early, the channel has already amassed over 330,000 subscribers. This is an impressive start for a new YouTuber. However, YouTube fame takes time to build. Therefore, viewers should not follow Trey’s advice blindly.

AMC CEO Adam Aron recently spoke to Trey’s Trades in a live interview. He was wearing a light blue button down shirt with a red tie. The interview was broadcast via Trey’s Trades’ YouTube channel, which has almost 300 thousand subscribers. Trey’s Trades is a popular stock trading channel and Trey Collins’ videos often attract attention.

AMC’s stock has gained over $1 billion in recent months. The company is also reportedly seeking to sell more stock to boost its bottom line. While this move will dilute the value for shareholders, it could allow the company to buy up new properties and acquire new businesses. With this strategy, AMC could be in a much stronger financial position than it was before.


Trey McLoughlin is among the many young investors in the stock market. He focuses on the transition from position trading to momentum trading, as well as the over-inflated P/E ratios. He also highlights the importance of looking at the fundamentals of a company before making a decision.

Trey is thin, with sandy hair, and has attempted to make it big on YouTube with his running advice channel, but he’s failed to attract more than 400 subscribers. In December of 2020, he started his YouTube channel “Trey’s Trades” where he provided real-time alerts on stock market movements. The first video he posted was a prediction for the price of Veru stock.

Trey Trades is a former Army officer and YouTube star. He earns a sizable amount through sponsorships and YouTube Ad Revenue. However, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Class A Report stock has been down nearly 20% since April 1. This means it has lost more than half of its value.

It’s also important to note that the short squeeze has not yet happened. AMC stock continues to be the most heavily shorted stock in the market. However, more data is coming out and a massive short squeeze may occur. During this time, Trey’s Trades has been a leader in the AMC community.

TikTok video

The TikTok video sensation has become known for his witty comments and a wide variety of topics. In his first video, Trey Collins touched on a number of stocks. In spring, he decided to focus on the AMC theater chain, a stock that was a hot topic at the time.

The stock market influencer’s Twitter account and social media profiles have earned him a huge following. His recommendations have helped countless investors make money on the stock market. His video on AMC stock went viral, and the stock jumped over 50% in just a few days!

YouTube channel

One of the most popular YouTube channels for those interested in the stock market is Trey’s Trades. This channel provides actionable advice, market updates, and stock picks. It is also a popular source for investors on social media, such as StockTwits. Despite being new to the online trading community, Trey’s Trades has quickly gotten a strong following.

Before starting the Trey’s Trades YouTube channel, Trey Collins was in the army. Although he only had a few hundred subscribers, he had a dream to be a YouTube sensation. In December of 2020, Trey began vlogging about trading. While he first posted about various stocks, he soon switched to focusing on the stock company AMC. His early videos were published on Reddit, but he soon switched to YouTube to focus on the growth of his channel.

Currently, Trey’s Trades YouTube channel has nearly 300 thousand subscribers. He monetizes his channel through advertisements and sponsors. In addition, he also promotes his own products on his channel. Despite the success of the channel, the real person behind Trey Trades has yet to reveal his girlfriend or wife. Trey’s real name is Tremayne L. Collins, and the videos on his channel focus on financial niches, particularly stock market and crypto trading.

Trey Trades is an American YouTuber with a reputation for providing technical analysis of stocks. He is also known for giving a buy/sell opinion on his videos, and he has even appeared on Fox Business. As a former army officer, Trey Trades made a lot of money by trading stocks. His updated net worth is $10 million, and it is growing fast.

Net worth

Trey Trades is an American YouTuber who makes a lot of money through stock trading and advertisements. He has a net worth of about $10 million, which has grown rapidly over the past few years. Although he is a former army officer, his main sources of income are from YouTube advertising and sponsored videos.

After graduating from college, Trey enlisted in the army but later left due to an undisclosed reason. After that, he launched his YouTube channel Trey’s Trades and began providing real-time alerts for the stock market. His first video was a prediction of the price of the stock Veru. Since then, his YouTube channel has gained a lot of followers, and his net worth continues to rise.

Trey’s Trades net worth is estimated based on the number of views on his videos, as well as the number of subscribers and users. His videos earn him between three and seven dollars per thousand views, depending on their subject. He can also generate additional revenue through sponsored videos and selling his own merchandis.

As of 2 May 2022, his net worth is estimated at $10.3 million. He has sold 16,160 units of Lindblad Expeditions Inc stock worth over $9,027,511 in the past seven years. Since his first year of college, he has made 36 trades of Lindblad Expeditions Inc stock. The total value of these transactions was $245,632 as of 2 May 2022.