Momma Don’t Worry You Raised A Gangsta Lyrics

Momma Don't Worry You Raised A Gangsta Lyrics

Momma Don't Worry You Raised A Gangsta Lyrics

Momma Don’t Worry You Raised A Gangsta Lyrics (You Raised a Gangsta)” is a song by American rapper Nipsey Hussle. The song was released on June 16, 2016, as the lead single from Hussle’s third studio album, Victory Lap (2018). The song peaked at number 35 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

“Momma Don’t Worry (You Raised a Gangsta)” is a song about Hussle’s upbringing in the gang-infested streets of South Central Los Angeles. Hussle pays tribute to his mother, who he says raised him to be a “gangsta” despite the odds. The song features a sample of “I Wanna Be Where You Are” by Michael Jackson.

Hussle says that the song is dedicated to all the mothers who have to worry about their children growing up in tough environments. He wants them to know that they did their best and that their children are still good people despite the circumstances.

2) The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

2pac was no stranger to difficult upbringings. He was raised in the rough inner city of Compton, California, where violence and crime were a way of life. Despite this, he managed to find success as a rapper, and became one of the most successful and influential musicians of his generation.

One of 2pac’s most famous songs is “Momma Don’t Worry (You Raised a Gangsta)”. The song is a tribute to 2pac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, and is full of love and respect for her. However, the lyrics also make reference to the tough life that 2pac had to endure growing up.

The opening lines of the song, “Momma don’t worry, you raised a gangsta / But I ain’t no gangsta, I’m just a hustla”, immediately establish the duality of 2pac’s life. On the one hand, he was raised by a strong and loving mother, who instilled in him the values of hard work and determination. On the other hand, he was also exposed to the harsh realities of the streets, and had to learn how to survive in a tough environment.

Momma Don’t Worry You Raised A Gangsta Lyrics

The rest of the song is full of references to 2pac’s difficult upbringing. He talks about how he was “raised in the ghetto, with no father figure”, and how he had to learn how to “hustle and grind” in order to make it in life. Despite the challenges he faced, 2pac always remained grateful to his mother for her love and support.

The final lines of the song are some of the most poignant, and show the deep respect that 2pac had for his mother. He raps, “I love you momma, even though I act crazy / I swear I’m still your baby / You raised a gangsta, but that’s okay / ‘Cause gangstas die young, but momma don’t worry”.

2pac’s lyrics show that even though he had to endure a lot of hardship in his life, he always remembered the values that his mother instilled in him. He may have been a gangsta, but he was also a loving son who respected

3) Why the Song is So Popular

There are a few reasons why the song “Momma Don’t Worry (You Raised a Gangsta)” by YG is so popular. Firstly, the song is a ode to YG’s mom, who is also a gangster. This is a topic that is not often explored in rap music, and it is something that fans can relate to. Secondly, the beat is very catchy and easy to listen to. It is the perfect song to ride to, and it will get stuck in your head after just one listen. Lastly, the lyrics are very relatable and honest. YG is rapping about his struggles growing up in a gang-infested neighborhood, and his struggles with the law. This is something that a lot of people can relate to, and it is something that is not often talked about in rap music.

4) The Controversy Surrounding the Song

The song “Momma Don’t Worry (You Raised a Gangsta)” by YG has been the subject of much controversy. The track, which is from YG’s album “Still Brazy”, features the Compton-based rapper paying tribute to his mother and bragging about his gangsta lifestyle. However, many have interpreted the song as being misogynistic and glorifying gang violence.

In an interview with Genius, YG addressed the controversy, saying that the song is not about putting down women, but is instead about him being thankful for his mother’s support, even though he knows he’s not the perfect son. He also said that the song is not meant to be taken literally, and that people should listen to the whole album before passing judgment on any one song.

Despite YG’s explanation

Despite YG’s explanation, the song has still been met with criticism from many quarters. Some argue that the song’s title alone is misogynistic, and that the lyrics objectify and demean women. Others have accused YG of glamorizing gang violence, and have pointed to the line “I keep a gun on my hip, just in case I gotta bust” as evidence.

Whether you believe that “Momma Don’t Worry (You Raised a Gangsta)” is a heartfelt tribute to mothers or a harmful glorification of gang violence, there’s no denying that the song has sparked a lot of debate. What do you think? Cheap Group Buy Tools Provider.